20 SEPTEMBER 1940, Page 14


SIR,—The tone of Lt.-Col. Lorimer's letter with its sneer at the " average Englishman " is not very happy, and his strictures on the remarks of " Janus " on the above subject are surely far-fetched. " Janus " simply states an interesting fact which has puzzled many people, and of which I have not seen a convincing explanation. Most people find these small coins a nuisance, and tram conductors always try to get rid of them. One shop-keeping friend tells me that he obtains from the bank each day a supply of threepenny-bits because his customers, chiefly ladies, do not wish coppers by way of ch Inge on account of their weight. That would account for threepenny-bits getting into circulation, but it throws no light on the discrepancy between Edinburgh and London in this matter.

Lt.-Col. Utterson's statement that the Roman Catholic element explains the business is interesting ; but unfortunately he does not say how that comes about. Perhaps he will be kind enough to amplify