20 SEPTEMBER 1940, Page 5

I am 'told that in more than one district of

London, particu- larly where there have been bad bombings, persons have been taking round from door to door a petition urging that peace negotiations should be opened, to stop the increasing devasta- tion of cities on both sides. I hope the authorities have got wind of this, though I gather such things are only local and sporadic. We are a democratic country, and people who sincerely believe peace ought to be made are entitled, incon- siderable minority though they may be, to say so. But their sincerity ought to be very searchingly probed. Nothing would be so essentially characteristic of Fifth-Collin:in methods as the contention that London was getting such punishment that it must be stopped at all costs. The German wireless, indeed, has been specifically urging battered Londoners to organise petitions to their M.P.'s praying them to sue for peace before the battering gets worse. London has so far shown itself singularly unresponsive.