20 SEPTEMBER 1963, Page 12

SIR,—We should all of us thank God for Mr. Fairlie.

His article may have come just in time to save us from disaster. For too long now the other parties have been taking an ostrich-like attitude, hiding their heads in the sand and saying that the Liberals have no more than nuisance value, split- ting the vote, without policy and without potential. At last the sinister truth has been revealed—the Liberals are Fascists, Nazis, Poujadists and McCarthyists all rolled up in one. At any moment now Gauleiter Grimond may seize power, for that is what lies behind that sinister smile. Look, for instance, at the Brighton putsch, where Lady Violet was stifled by the storm troopers. No wonder Mr. Fairlie sees fit to hide behind Professor Lipset. No wonder he states twice in his article that he doesn't really mean that the Liberals are fascists, for at any moment now the Gestapo may get him.

JOHN LUCAS 104 Dowanhill Street, Glasgow, W2