20 SEPTEMBER 1963, Page 15

KNOCK-OUT Sus,—I was pleased to read Starbuck's comments on the

exciting final match of the first cricket knock-out competition. 'Apart from the West Indians,' he writes, 'nothing so encouraging has happened to English cricket for years.' He is right.

The BBC thought the match sufficiently important to merit exciting previews and those of us who were unable to get to Lord's settled down to enjoy the customary excellence of the Corporation's TV cover- age. However, we were in for a day of disappointment and frustration, for, having endured with as much grace as possible long interruptions by some rugby match (the Radio Times seemed ignorant of which one) with ludicrous synthetic crowd noises, by paddock-parading horses and, most indefensible of all, by detailed football results, we were cut off completely from the game as it was reaching, to quote Starbuck, 'an almost unbearable pitch of excitement' during the last hour. There was no tele- vision commentary after five o'clock and no Network Three commentary after six. Surely something could have been done'?

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