20 SEPTEMBER 1963, Page 8

Diana Ye Hear Them?

Wednesday's burning of the British Embassy in Jakarta and Monday's demonstration to the

skirl of bagpipes must have found Mr. Andrew Gilchrist, our ambassador, not entirely unpre- pared for such incidents. When he headed our mission in Reykjavik at the height of the Ice- landic fishing controversy and his .Embassy was surrounded by demonstrators, he shut himself up in his room, playing the bagpipes and dancing reels to while away the time. It seems clear that Major 'Red Rory' Walker had learnt a thing or two from his official chief; though, admittedly, the firing of the building in the second demon- stration represented a skilful turning of his flank on the part of the demonstrators. Incidentally, they also seem to have learned a thing or two. On Monday, at any rate, they were in civvies, whereas during the Brunei upriSing the embattled might of the Indonesian people protesting against colonialism was fittingly marshalled by members of the Army Information Service in uniform. Others ise. of course, they might simply have been mistaken for hooligans.