21 JUNE 1963, Page 15

Sta,—May I refer to Mr. S. B. Page's letter on

my piece about our immigrants, in which he rebuked me for 'the prejudice shown in its title: The New British.'

As many of your readers may not know, but as you Sir, and all your contributors, by experience. must do, the title proposed by a writer for his article is not always suitable for typographical reasons, or because it may, for instance, duplicate that of another contribution to any issue of a journal It is thus that my own suggested title for this piece, namely, New Births Around Pook's Hill, was re- Placed by The New British—which provoked Mr. Page's comment. 1 would like to add that although the title of my Piece was altered, which 1 regard as entirely legitimate (if saddening to myself) in a weekly Periodical, not one word of the text itself was.

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