21 JUNE 1963, Page 17

Maelnnes's stimulating article 'The New British' had one fault. Thinking

that a host of my compatriots would draw attention to it, I did not write last week. The absence of such a letter this Week shows that they are all as lazy as myself. Despite his name (or did I hear that it is a nom de Plume) Mr. Maclnnes makes no reference to the Scottish emigrants, who have flocked southwards, ever since the Union. Whatever about the problems of absorbing imi- grants, be they Indians or Irish, Somalis or Scots, thelong-term answer to the problem is surely to help without the home economies of those countries. without going further afield, Scotland needs a systematic programme of development as much as

any newly emerging black African State. The En ti goso tax-payer might not be so averse to the

'4', ea if he considers that with an economically healthy Scotland, at least one factor in the steadily growing megalopisation of Southern England would be removed J. CAMPBELL