21 JUNE 1963, Page 5

Aperture Closed

HE resignation of Signor Nenni from his .i. post of Secretary-General of the Italian Socialist party heralds a serious crisis in Italian political life. The reason for his resignation was the refusal of the party executive to follow him into a coalition with the left of the Christian Democrats and the Republican party on the familiar apertura a sinistra model. It was followed by the secretary of the Christian Democratic party, Signor Moro, having to in-

form the President of the Republic that he saw no chance of forming a government. What happens now? Italian politics seem to be follow- ing the French pattern of parties so fragmented into groups and personal allegiances that no coalition can easily command a stable majority in the Chamber. If this is really the case, and it is hard to see how any majority can emerge, then Italy is in for a period of caretaker governments and immobilism. Such a result would serve nobody but the Communist party, whose supporters on the Socialist executive were responsible for Signor Nenni'S defeat. Italian political life is now leaving the grooves in which it has run since the war, but it seems likely that the change will not be to the advantage either of Italy or Europe.