21 JUNE 1963, Page 9

Hail and Farewell Once upon a time one Kenneth Tynan,

after a fizzing career at Oxford, stood in for Peter Fleming as the Spectator's dramatic critic: whereupon fame fell upon him, and in no time

at all be was the Observer's dramatic critic. Now he is off to the National Theatre, and Bamber Gascoigne, who came to the Spectator after a fizzing career at Cambridge (during which his revue Share My Lettuce ran for nine months in London), moves into his place at the Observer. His friends here are sad to see him go, but resigned to what now seems to be establishing itself as a process of. nature. His predecessor at the Spectator, Alan Brien, is the Sunday Telegraph's dramatic critic (and we welcome him back to the fold this week with his new column, Afterthought). Mr. Gascoigne's successor is Mr. David Pryce-Jones, the son of the Lit. Supp's former editor, a novelist, and marked down some time ago by perceptive readers of the Financial Times as the likeliest new dramatic critic in town.