21 JUNE 1975, Page 4

After the referendum

Sir: Before all the triumph of the pro-Marketeers dies away, I think it ought to be said that many of us who voted "Yes" on June 5 did so very reluctantly, and only because we felt that we could not turn back.

Had we been consulted in 1973 when the referendum should have taken place the people should have been consulted then the result would probably have been very different and this country would not be in the bad condition it is now.

M. Redrnayne 15 Selsdon Road, London SE27

, Sir: We voted for the Market partly because we were afraid that the countries in it would bully us with tariff walls. The more true that is, the more wrong we are to be in such a society. It is therefore our duty to campaign, in the Market, againsy any such bullying of any other unfortunate country.

Daphne Here ward 51 Victoria Crescent, Eccles, Manchester Sir: May I offer you a Common Market


God save our EEC Vive the Community Heil EEC!

On us there are no flies We will soon harmonise, Market of an enormous size We'll service thee.

Thy promised gifts in store On us be pleased to pour, Long may they rain.

Grant us thy subsidies, Let not our industries

Be brought completely to their knees And go down the drain.

David Rudnick

8mWiddoxodgrange Close, Kenton, Harrow,


From Miss L. M. Lomas

Sir: In times of unemployment between the wars the first to be made redundant were the married women. The reason given was unequivocal: "No chap is going to sit by and see two pay-packets going into the house next door when he himself hasn't got even one."

During the present crisis, when more women than ever are doing jobs previously undertaken only by men, this point never seems to have been raised. Why?

Lucille M. Lomas 5 Marlborough Buildings, Bath, Avon