21 MARCH 1931, Page 1

Lord Beaverbrook and Lord Rothermere, he went on to say,

aimed at power without responsibility. " That has been the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages." Mr. Baldwin made good play with the appeals of the Press Lords to Americans to advertise American goods for sale in British markets. He read a letter from Mr. Marlowe, formerly editor of the Daily Mail, who stated that the • policy of the Daily Mail in sup- porting the Conservative cause in 1924 had the " very reluctant consent of Lord Rothermere." The editor had great difficulty in convincing Lord Rothermere, who, by the way, knew nothing about the Zinovieff letter until after it had been published. So much for Lord Rothermere's claim that he was the saviour of the Conservative Party in the election of 1924. * * * *