21 MARCH 1931, Page 19



Sue,—I have had an experience which approaches very nearly the kind of evidence which Mr. Gerald Heard says is unattainable, but without which communication from those who have died is, in his opinion, unprovable.

I can vouch for the accuracy of the following. Some Tears ago I was very desirous to obtain evidence which was inexplicable by the theory of telepathy from any living person. With this idea in my mind, but without any sanguine expectation, I visited a medium, Mr. Otto von Bourg. In the course of the interview he described to me an elderly gentleman whom I recognized as my uncle and my guardian. He then got the word " uncle," which I at once attributed to telepathy. He went on to ask if he had helped me to arrange any papers before he died. I replied that he had helped me to draw up my will. The medium said : " I get incorrect, so strongly." I asked whether he meant that iny uncle wished me to alter my will. He said : " No : the basis of it is all right ; but there is something incorrect, and I think that if you see it he will impress you as to what it is." After this interview I wrote to my solicitor to send me my will, which I had not looked at for some time ; .and as I could detect no error I forwarded it to a legal friend, a retired judge, and asked him if he could find any error in it. He replied : " The will as drawn appears to me to contain a bad blunder, which would defeat your intentions to some extent." He added that it was a blunder he had before known solicitors to make : it was of a technical kind ; and I could not have discovered it. It was obviously due to an unintentional mistake, which would not have benefited the solicitor. My guardian had been my adviser in money matters in my youth, and it seemed to me very characteristic of him that, if he discovered after his death that he had blundered over the drafting of my will, he should try to correct the error ; and not less characteristic that he should try to give me a good test, if he was aware of my thoughts and what I was anxious to obtain. I have quoted this incident in my recent book, Comrades on the Homeward Way.