21 MARCH 1931, Page 40

Sir Leo Chiozza Money, in Can War Be Averted? (Thornton

Butterworth, 10s. 6d.) sets out to face the facts of the inter- national situation. He succeeds tolerably well, by means of statistics a population, "natural resources, emigration, and the like, in showing that an undue proportion of the world's surface and resources is being monopolized by a few powers, notably Great Britain, the united States and France. These States, which he nicknames the pacifist-conquerors," naturally desire peace in *which to enjoy their possessions—fruits of former wars. Sir Leo's argument is that if they want peace, they will haft to buy-it by-inventing some means of allowing free access to the world's territory and resources to the large and rapidly increasing -populations which are cut off from them. Among the measures which he recommends are con- dominium of two or More powers over coveted territories, and the return of all the German colonies. The arguments arc fearless and the facts impressive. Every advocate of peace should read this book to understand what his professions imply.

* * * *