21 MARCH 1931, Page 46

Financial Notes


THE present Fortnightly Account on the Stock Exchange extends over the Easter holidays, and that circumstance in itself tends to check dealings, especially with the prospect of the introduction of the Budget soon after the Easter vacation. Allowing for these circumstances affecting the volume of business, the general tone of markets keeps fairly cheerful. High-class investment stocks are well maintained, while the • improvement referred to a week ago in Foreign Government securities has made further progress, especially in some of the Brazil stocks and in Argentine Railways. Home Railways, on the other hand, remain one of the dullest markets and the weakness of that market and also of Shipping shares, together with the continued decline in Railway traffics, does not offer much confirmation of the reported indications of a trade revival, although it is satis- factory to note that the prices of some commodities, including wool, seem to be tending upwards. In the speculative markets one of the features is the continued activity and firmness of South African Gold Mining shares.