21 MARCH 1992, Page 40

A selection of recent paperbacks

Non-fiction: The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose edited by Frank Muir, OUP, £8.99 The Russian Revolution by Richard Pipes, Fontana, £12.99 Patriots and Liberators by Simon Schama, Fontana, £9.99 Bully for Brontosaurus by Stephen Jay Gould, Penguin, £6.99 The Andy Warhol Diaries edited by Pat Hackett, Pan, £9.99 Peace and War by Wanda Newby, Picador, £5.99 Still Life and A Classical Education by Richard Cobb, Hogarth, £9.99 Time To Declare by David Owen, Penguin, £7.99 Innocence and Experience by Stuart Hampshire, Penguin, £6.99 Singular Encounters by Naim Attalah, Quartet, £8.95 John Major by Bruce Anderson, Headline, £6.99 As It Was by Sybille Bedford, Picador, £5.99 Women on Top by Nancy Friday, Hutchin- son, £8.99 Alan Turing by Andrew Hodges, Vintage, £8.99 Ivory Knights by Nicholas Gordon, Chapmans, £5.99 Learning Not To Be First: The Life of Christina Rossetti by Kathleen Jones, Oxford, £7.99 The Complete Small Garden by Graham Rice, Papermac, £9.99 The Kennedy Conspiracy by Anthony Summers, Sphere, £5.99

Food and Drink in Britain by C. Anne Wilson, Constable, £10.95

Talking at The Gates: The Life of James Baldwin by James Campbell, Faber, 6.99 Scum of the Earth by Arthur Koestler, Eland, £6.99 Columbus by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, OUP, £6.99 The Letters of Vita Sackville-West to Virginia Woolf edited by Louise De Salvo and Mitchell A. Leaska, Virago, £9.99 Patterns of Thought: The Hidden Meaning of the Great Pavement of Westminster Abbey by Richard Foster, Cape, £12.50 Self-Portrait with Friends: The Selected Diaries of Cecil Beaton edited by Richard Buckle, Pimlico, £11 The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir, Pimlico, £10 A Very Close Conspiracy: Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf by Jane Dunn, Pimlico, £10 The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey by Peter Gwyn, Pimlico, £12.50 Charles Darwin by John Bowlby, Pimlico, £12.50 A New London by Richard Rogers and Mark Fisher, Penguin, £8.99 Fiction: A Bottle in the Smoke by A.N. Wilson, Penguin, £5.99 The Invisible Worm by Jennifer Johnston, Penguin, £5.99 Patriots by Sousa Jamba, Penguin, £6.99 The Devil's Own Work by Alan Judd, Flamingo, £3.99 Coromandel Sea Change by Rumer Godden, Pan, £5.99 Flying Hero Class by Thomas Keneally, Sceptre, £4.99 The Burn by James Kelman, Minerva, £4.99 A Strange and Sublime Address by Amii Chaudhuri, Minerva, £5.99 Continent and The Gift of Stones by Jim Crace, Picador, £4.99 each The District Governor's Daughter by Camilla Collet, translated by Kirsten Seaver, Norvik Press, £10.95 Plays: Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell and Other Plays by Keith Waterhouse, Penguin, £5.99 The Madness of George III by Alan Ben- nett, Faber, £4.99 Poetry: William Morris: Selected Poems edited by Peter Faulkner, Carcanet, £6.95 Primo Levi: Collected Poems translated by Ruth Feldman and Brian Swann, Faber, £5.99 The Chair of Babel by Peter Porter, OUP, £6.99 Selected Poems by Osip Mandelstam, Penguin, £5.99