22 APRIL 1882, Page 2

The Austrian Government reports the suppression of insur- rection in

Bosnia-Herzegovina, but it does not propose to reduce- the very large force posted there in garrison. On the contrary,. it desires so strongly to keep that garrison intact, that it has asked the Delegations to vote a further sum of £2,300,000 for the maintenance of the troops till winter. The Delegations, more especially the Hungarian one, are most unwilling; but as the Ministry have given assurances that the money is indis- pensable, and that the status quo shall be maintained in the provinces, it will probably be voted. The Minister, in apply- ing for the money, was most emphatic in his assurances that the Russian Consuls had lent every assistance, and that the Montenegrins had given no occasion for remonstrance. The cue in Vienna, as in Berlin, is evidently tranquillity, for the present.