22 APRIL 1882, Page 2

The Redcar Conservatives must have had sufficient experi- ence of

the use of language as an offensive weapon (to Liberals) in the demonstration of this day week, when Lord Zetland thought that in dealing with the land of Ireland the Govern- ment had shown a generosity " which would have been a credit to them, had they been dealing with their own property ;" when Lord Castlereagh comprehensively described the Government as "useless, and dangerously mischievous in everything ;" and when Mr. James Lowther pronounced that Mr. Gladstone "had been hampered by colleagues who had avowed their sedition, and who had been identified with the promotion of disorder in their own and every other country in the world." Such broad brushes as these, besmeared so generously with such very dirty colours, will hardly promote Conservative enthusiasm, even in the most partisan district of Yorkshire.