22 APRIL 1882, Page 3

We regret to record the death of Sir Henry Cole,

so well known for his efforts to found in South Kensington a Museum of Science -and Art. Originally a civil servant and second-class htterateur, he had the good-fortune to impress the Prince Con- asort with his eclectic ability, took much of the trouble of the Exhibition of 18.51 off his hands, and was thenceforward. sup- ported by the Court in his great plan of making South Ken- sington a home for the study of Design in connection with Art manufacture. Extremely persuasive, devoted to his pursuit, and skillet:tin managing men, Sir Henry succeeded, obtained all manner of grants, carried project after project, and finally, as Secretary of the Science and Art Department, reigned for a few years over- a perfect hive of sub-departments, all devoted to his central idea of making English productive work artistic. He was during much of his career one of the best-abused men in England, accused of toadyism, and condemned for an affectation of omniscience, but we believe he was as honest as he was able. He used the big people and everybody else, but he used them to forward plans which he had sincerely at heart, and which rapidly and greatly advanced the Art education of the country. He had rather a habit of thinking South Ken- sington "the hub of the universe ;" but that was essential, and, after all, is much better than thinking oneself the hub, as so many do. He will be missed; if only as the permanent link between the Court and the Art world.