22 AUGUST 1885, Page 1

M. Rochefort ' s journal, the Intraneigeant, has been trying for some

days to increase its sale by threatening England for the asserted execution of Olivier Pain, the Frenchman who at one time was with the Mandi, and who is supposed to have been his military adviser. The Intransigeant assumes that this man ' was put to death by English officers, although no one knows for certain that he irr dead at all, and assuredly our Generals in the Soudan deny any concern with him. Indeed„ many people think that he is the same man who has just been arrested at Cochin, in India, under the name of Father Kanovics, who closely resembles the description given of Olivier Pain, and who admits that he was with him in the Soudan. However, M. Rochefort's journal, which has need of a sensation, assumes M. Olivier Pain's death, and assumes that it was due to the English mili- tary authorities, and declares that if the Government do not exact vengeance, the Prince of Wales must be struck down in Paris, or Lord Lyons's ears must be boxed, or something done to gratify the thirst of France for revenge. The consequence is that Lord Lyons's hotel has to be guarded by police in plain clothes. We do not know what the French Lunacy Laws may be, but if any English journalist went on in this way, a respectable police- man and a couple of doctors would soon have the editor lodged in an asylum,—and with much more excuse for that procedure than is usually furnished in our ordinary lunacy cases.