22 AUGUST 1885, Page 1

The new Bishop of Salisbury is to be the Rev.

John Words- worth, of Brasenose College, Oxford, the son of the late Bishop of Lincoln. The announcement of this preferment has been a great disappointment, not only to the greater number of English Churchmen, but to the greater number, we suspect, of all Englishmen who take any pride in the National Church, not because Mr. Wordsworth is not deeply respected wherever he is known, for his own sake as well as for his father's, but because almost every one had hoped that the new Bishop would be a man universally admired and revered, not only in the Church of England, but amongst Nonconformists also,—we refer, of course, to Dr. Liddon. Tenets and shades of opinion apart, Dr. Liddon is far more honoured and far more popular than any other clergyman who could have been appointed to the Bishopric of Salisbury. It is untrue that any offer of the Bishopric was made to Dr. Liddon. He has once more been passed over, when everybody hoped that he would at last have been allowed to add the weight of his influence, and the stimulus of his courage to the somewhat hesitating and timid English Episcopate.