22 AUGUST 1885, Page 26

For Liberty. By Ariberon Herbert. (Williams and Norgate.)— Though Mr.

Herbert has not, we think, assumed the name, it would not be unfair to call him an " anarchist." He advocates, among other things, the " abolition and reduction " [what does this mean ? if you abolish, you do not need to reduce ?] " of all Customs and Excise duties and assessed taxes." Government revenues are to be derived from voluntary, not compulsory payments. The National Debt is to be paid by the sale of ecclesiastical property. There are to be no laws for compulsory vaccination, no hindrances to the spread of infeotion, no limitations on hours of labour, no compulsory education, no protection of women (as far as we can understand him), no restriction on divorce, and " abolition of restraints placed upon some for the benefit of others." This last Mr. Herbert exemplifies by "abolition of all special contracts forced upon either employers or employed, or landlord or tenant, in the interest of either party." Whether this means freedom of contract or no, Who can say ? We should say that Mr. Herbert refers us once or twice to "special papers," which may possibly modify his statements.