22 FEBRUARY 1873, Page 1

_ It is believed that the report of the Thirty

will pass the French :Chamber by a large majority, that body having consented to an -amendment presented by M. Dufaure binding the Assembly ".not to separate until it has provided for the organization and working of a Second Chamber, for a modified electoral law, and for the transmission of powers," which laws are all to be drawn by the Government itself. The acceptance of this amendment, which is in effect a surrender at discretion to M. Thiers, is believed to be due to a new split between the Right and Right Centre, which again originates in the total and, it is said, final failure of the attempts at fusion. The Right Centre, or party of Constitutional Monarchy, accordingly reverts to the support of M. Thiers, and the " majority" which was to accomplish so much is for the present broken up. Power will be -continued, when the Chamber is dissolved, to M. Thiers, who will consequently have a most potent voice in the elections of the new and constituent body.