22 FEBRUARY 1873, Page 1

It is asserted that all the Courts have protested against

federalism in Spain. This appears most improbable, but it is .quite conceivable that strong representations in that sense have been secretly addressed to Madrid, the Powers fearing the at- :traction of that loose organisation. M. Thiers, for instance, would not approve such a temptation to the Ligue du Midi, while Lord Granville does not desire a Portuguese Question with its complication of guarantees. In Lisbon the alarm is great, as, if Portugal could be admitted to the Iberian Republic without losing her self-government, her trade would be greatly increased. The Minister of the Interior has accordingly asked for more power in the interest of public safety, and local emeutes are immediately expected. Portugal, however, as a rule remains quiet just when she is expected to revolt, and revolts just when revolt is sure to be put down.