22 FEBRUARY 1873, Page 1


-QPAIN remains, according to all accounts, perfectly tranquil, 1..3 the great cities accepting the Revolution, the army being pas- sive, and the peasantry waiting to see what will turn up. The only -disorders reported have arisen from the idea of the artisans that, under a free government, octroi duties are an oppression. The Government has issued instructions to maintain order at all hazards, has carried out Zorrilla's Act, replacing the officers of Artillery by non-commissioned officers, and evidently has friends among the rank and file of the Army. This quiet, however, does not greatly reassure observers. The Carlists, the Alfonsists, and the Socialists are all sure to make violent efforts, and the test of the Republic will be ability to put them down. For the present, the Government has resolved to continue Unitarian, though municipal liberties are promised to the separate provinces.