22 FEBRUARY 1873, Page 24

A Search after Sunshine ; or, Algeria in 1871. By

Lady Herbert. (Bentley.)—No reader need object to the fancy which has made Lady Herbert publish in a sumptuous volume the experience of a few months' residence in Algeria. She has given the public a pleasant book, which we should have read with even more satisfaction than we did, if we had not found it too heavy to hold in the hand. A lady of rank and importance such as is Lady Herbert probably saw many things in Algeria that are not within the range of observation of ordinary travellers. It is likely, on the other hand, that she did not see some things which humbler observers may notice. She paid, as was to be expected, special attention to the working of the Roman Catholic Church in Algeria, and gives some very interesting descriptions of what she saw. It is very likely, we think, that this is the best side of French colonisation.