22 JULY 1876, Page 1

The Coroner's inquiry into "the Balbam mystery" has gone on

all through the week, and threatens to occupy an unprecedented amount of time. Up to Thursday no evidence of much interest was adduced, the most important fact being that Mr. Bravo had declared, and almost sworn, that to his knowledge he had taken nothing but laudanum. On Thursday, however, George Griffith, a coachman, formerly in Mrs. Bravo's service, testified that while in the service of Dr. Gully, of Malvern, he used to buy antimony for his horses ; and it was shown that Mr. Clark, chemist, of Malvern, had on one occasion sold him two ounces. The sale was registered under the Sale of Poisons Act, as made to Dr. Gully, through George Griffiths. As Mrs. Bravo was shown by some correspondence to have long known Dr. Gully, the Crown lawyers intimated their intention of pressing the line of in- quiry thus opened, and Dr. Gully is now represented in the inquiry by counsel. The Crown lawyers state that they make no charge against any one, and only desire f the fullest investigation.