22 JULY 1876, Page 1

The small amount and value of the news received from

Con- stantinople deserves attention. It is said the Ministry are straining every nerve to strengthen the armies, forwarding recruits and munitions daily, and using every obtainable piastre for the war. They are, however, greatly troubled by the responsibility thrown upon them, owing to the illness of the Sultan. Murad V., it is stated from many quarters, cannot overcome the shock produced by the circumstances of his accession, and shows symptoms of a disease which in London would be known as softening of the brain. His Ministers can seldom get access to him, and rumours of failing health and a desire to abdicate are everywhere current. The situation, in fact, points to an expected change in the occu- pancy of the throne. An imbecile Sultan cannot reign in Turkey, as even if his Pashas would take the responsibility, their internal jealousies, and the desire of their officers for an appeal beyond them, would sooner or later paralyse the Administration.