22 JULY 1972, Page 27

17 Shaw Road, Blackpool.

Sir: It reflects poorly on our supposedly democratic system that 301 unmandated MPs, from various motives and by a slender majority of seventeen, can put into reverse 1,000 years of British history and subject electors to a grievous loss of sovereignty over wide areas of political, economic and social life. But Britons must not take it lying down! There is still a little time before January 1, 1973 and even at this eleventh hour unconsulted electors can demand a referendum and warn the 301 pro-European politicians that, at the next General Election, they will do all that is possible to unseat them, irres pective of party. Pledges to consult the people have been proved worthless, and no compunction should be felt about using every legitimate means to prevent, or undo, the great surrender. Increased material prosperity has been dangled as bait by the pro-Europeanists, although specific details have been sedulously avoided and the main issue is admitted to be political. As any housewife knows, prices have risen fantastically, thus helping to cushion entry into the EEC, which countries like Sweden, Switzerland and Portugal wisely avoid joining. When these food and other prices soar still higher, massive industrial unrest will be inevitable. Workers will not only demand that wages keep pace with escalating prices, they will also expect still further increases in order to achieve the higher standard of living promised by the vendors of British sovereignty.

L. M. Hopkins

Wick Crest, Devizes, Wilts.