22 JULY 1972, Page 27

EEC bash

Sir: If Mary Secrett (July 15) considers that standing on one's feet is a masculine virtue. I should ask her to read the report in a recent Hansard where the anomaly between the Act of Union in Scotland and the ECC legislation was debated in an earlier committee stage of the European Communities Bill. Indeed I would ask any of your readers interested in an ethical evaluation of this issue to read this report. I believe that had the Liberals been Prepared to defend the crown (on their feet!) as Mr Murray and others, including Mr Powell were, their reluctance to accept the inferior jurisprudence of the EEC would have entitled them to the Unionist vote and would have given them the seats in a duly elected Parliament which their integrity on other issues deserves. Of course the anomaly has not been resolved by the divisions being lost and won. It is incredible that a Bill which has been publicly and lawfully declared as obscene should now have to be sent for the Royal Assent, indeed I believe that very many would hope that the issue can still be resolved in the Lords, otherwise the whole future credibility of the Conservative and Unionist Party is in electoral doubt, for anyone who can read will see that it is a misnomer.

I think we are all Tories now, toiridhe' in the old Gaelic and under the new legislature so perhaps for the first time in many generations we all have something in common.

J. Scott-Richardson