22 JUNE 1867, Page 1


THE Reform Bill is rushing on, and some sanguine persons expect that it will pass within the ensuing week. There are, however, some important details still to be settled, such as the propriety of dividing the counties to which •more members are to be given, or of increasing the representation without division ; the 'Arrangement of the schedules, which involves another debate on the claims of the great cities ; and the method and date of the niw registration. The third reading, moreover, will hardly pass without speeches from leading members expressing their views as to the total effect of the Bill, and altogether we give it at least another fortnight in the Commons. The debates in the Upper House will probably be in a higher key than those in the Commons, but they will not take so long, and in all probability, so far as probabilities can be calculated about a measure which moves by self-generated force, the Bill will become an Act by the middle of July.