22 JUNE 1867, Page 1

There are several gentlemen's names already mentioned as likely to

be put forward for this new University constituency in the Liberal interest, and we rejoice to learn that measures have been taken to decide the choice of the Liberals between themselves, and prevent division in case of a Conservative candidate taking the field. Mr. Walter Bagehot, who contested Bridgewater a year or two ago, and ran his opponent close, has received the support of some very influential politicians and graduates of the University, including the Right Hon. George J. Goschen, who, though not a graduate of the University, is a member of the Senate (its governing body), and if the Senate is not included in the constituency, of which, by an accident of procedure there is now some doubt, will withdraw. Mr. James Stansfeld, M.P., Mr. E. A. Leatham, the late member for Huddersfield, Mr. Myles O'Reilly, M.P., Mr. Fitzjames Stephen, who, though a Cambridge man, is a London Bachelor of Laws, Mr. Jacob Waley, Mr. F. W. Brady, Q.C., Mr.