22 JUNE 1867, Page 23

The Political Writings of Richard Cobden. 2 vols. (Ridgway.)-- These

two volumes contain Mr. Cobden's pamphlets on "England, Ire- land, and America ;" " Russia ;" "1793 and 1853 ;" " What Next and Next ?" and "The Three Panics." Each of them is prefaced by a note from his widow, and at the end of the second volume is placed Mr. W. C. Bryant's introduction to the American edition. This is hardly the place to enter into a criticism of these writings, nor is Mr. Cobden's character to be drawn in a single line. But as each of these pamphlets was received with vehement opposition, and each had its effect on the world, it is well that they should all be collected, and that future gene- rations should have the means of judging which was right,—Mr. Cobden. or his censors.