22 JUNE 1867, Page 23

Wine and its Adulterations. By J. L. Denman.—Mr. Denman has

issued another pamphlet on his favourite subject, full of new facts clearly strung together: Of course, his point is that light wines, Greek wines especially, are wholesome, and heavy wines, especially port and sherry, are not. His argument is sensible enough, but, like everybody else with a hobby, he drives it a great deal too far. Suppose port is brandied, what then, except that it is wise to drink less of it at a time? Brandy is good,in moderation. Or suppose elderberry juice is poured into it, why should it not be, if people like elderberry juice ? Elderberry wine has been drank for centuries. Port does not pretend to be the "simple juice of the grape," and why should people be confined to the simple juice, if they like something else better ? The real point for the advocates of light wines is to prove that they are nicer, healthier, and cheaper than port and sherry. At present all that is proved is that they are wholesomer, provided you do not drink a quantity proportionate to their strength.