22 JUNE 1867, Page 3

During the week Home Securities have been very inactive, and,

after some fluctuation the quotations remain almost stationary. On Monday, Consols for money were quoted at 94-i, f ; and 91*, for the 10th July. Yesterday the price for delivery was 911, I ; and for the account 91f, .. Reduced and New Three per Cents. left off at 93 to 93} ; Bank Stock, 253 to 255 ; India Five per Cents., 108} to 109 ; India Bonds, 52 to 57 prem. ; and Exche- quer Bills 183. to 27s. prem. Thelamount of money seeking employ- ment on the Stock Exchange is:very large, for which the demand is but limited ; yesterday, however, a better tone prevailed, and short loans were more inquired for. The rate of discount in the open market is 2} per cent. In the Foreign House there has been little passing, and the quotations are only maintained by speculative :operations. The Railway Share Market has been much excited, owing to the report issued by- the Committee of Investigation into the affairs of the London and Brighton line. The quotations show a decline in the values of the principal lines, but:not to the extent which, under the circumstances, might have been expected. A report that has been current to the effect that the London and North-Western Railway Company were about to propose an issue of 2,000,000/. new capital has been officially contradicted. The rumour caused a decline in the value of the ordinary stock to 113f. The stock of bullion held by the Banks of England and France together amounts to 56,681,0001.