22 JUNE 1867, Page 3

Scotch demons don't seem to be very formidable. According to

the last accounts of them, they devote themselves to making people faint in hot churches on hot Sundays,—which is certainly a mild manifestation of Satan. Dr. Boner, a Free Church minister, of Grange, appears to have been preaching last Sunday on the charge brought against our Lord that he cast out devils by the help of Beelzebub, prince of devils, when a girl fainted from the heat, and Dr. Duncan, a professor of Hebrew present, at once identified " Sattan," as he pronounced that power's name, as the author of the fainting fit. When another person, this time a man, fainted, Dr. Duncan was still more emphatic as to " Settees " agency, and the congregation dispersed in terror into the open air, where " Sattan's " power to cause fainting fits appeared to cease. Dr. Duncan, however, who seems to have the minister of Grange rather in a state of subjection, was anxious to keep the congre- gation to wrestle with " Stalin," instead of allowing it to dis- perse, in which case " Sattan " would probably have prevailed mightily with more fainting fits. Either " Sattan," or " Dr. Duncan," however, was so formidable to the people of the con- gregation, that they wisely left Dr. Duncan to " bind the strong man" alone.