22 SEPTEMBER 1939, Page 21


IT was once the pleasant habit of architects to decorate their buildings with inscriptions appropriate to the build- ings' use. Prizes of a book token for LI Is. and a book token for ios. 6d. are offered for the two best lists of in- scriptions suitable for any four of the following: (z) The Ministry of Information; (2) An A.R.P. Shelter; (3) A Petrol Service Station; (4) The German Embassy in London; (5) A Cinema in an Evacuation Area; (6) The Spectator Office.

The result of this competition will be announced in our issue of October 6th. The result of Competition No. I will be announced in our next issue.

RULES.—Envelopes should be addressed to the Editor, The Spectator, 99 Gower Street, London, W.C. r, and marked "Com- petition No. 2." Entries must be delivered by first post on Friday, September 29th. The Editor reserves the right to print, in part or in whole, any entry submitted, and to withhold the prize should no entry attain the requisite standard of merit. Competitors are permitted to submit more than one entry, but no competitor is eligible for more than one prize in any given week. Envelopes should bear a rid. stamp. No entries can be returned. No com- munications to the Editor on any subject unconnected with the competition should be sent in the same envelope as an entry. A breach of any of these regulations will cause the entry to be disqualified.