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you have received from a fellow Stubscriber the books that you required.

ANY TITLES in the 0.P. series "Art Of The World" (Methuen). Buxton, 102 Park Place, Gravesend, Kent. HATTON & CLEAVERS. Dickens Bibliography. — Write stating price required to Box No. 633.

RIGHT HONOURABLE GENTLEMAN by Roger Fulford (Murray 1945 or paperback 1946), SPIRIT OF BRITISH ADMINISTRATION by C. H. Sisson (Faber 1959). — Box 621.

THE BIBLE AND ITS BACKGROUND by C. H. Dodd. — S. R. Atkins, Enderley, Rhyd Clydach, Brynmawr, Brecons NP3 4SJ.

OUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE by Simeon Potter (Pelican/ Bantam paperback — but any other edition will do). — The Rev. Peter Mayhew, 14a Magdalen Road, Oxford TOX4E.1RLAWW.

HENCE BY HIS FRIENDS edited by A. W. LAWRENCE. Daughty's ARABIA DESERTA. — Mr. Aird. 18 Houbart, Whitley Bay.

SEX AND CHARACTER by Otto Weininger. — M. .J. Kenworthy, 53 Highcroft Crescent, Glenwood Estate, Bognor Regis, Sussex.

PAUL JENNINGS: Model Oddlies. — B. C. Head, Hit. berry Farm, Awbridge Ramsey, Hants.

LETTERS OF JUNIUS — VOLUME No. I. — Lock, -11 Castle House, Caine, Wiltshire SN11 00X, HANDBOOK OF PAINTING, THE ITALIAN SCHOOLS, EASTLAKE 3rd Ed. part 2. — White, 7 Ryland Street, Stratford-on-Avon.


DELIA BLANCHFLOWER by Mrs Humphrey Ward. — T. M. Ponsmore, 7 Ranelagh Gardens, London W6. POETS IN LANDSCAPE by Gilbert Highet. — Archdeacon of Winchester, Sparsholt Vicarage, Winchester S021 2NS. THE HOUSE AND GARDEN BOOK OF GARDENS. — Peck, Harelands Ashurst Wood, East Grinstead. Sussex. NUMBERS AND SUCH by A. N. Feldjamen (Prentice. Hell1968). C. D. Lester, 913 Ridean Road, Calgary, Canada.

—TWINS Al' CASTLE CHARMING" by E. J. Oxenhim. Other early titles, first editions — same author. — Box 617.

CHRISTINE FORSYTH OF FINGOLAND by W. P. Livingstone. — R. McMillan, Hermitage, Newbury. Berks GHOSTS OF GREENLAND by Francis Berry. —

Kalar, 1 Tyrone Drive. Rochdale, Lancs.

ALMANAC DE GOTHA (late 19th or eerly 20th century). A. Kenny, 32 Castle Street, Wicklow. Eire. STUDENTS AND WORKERS by John Gretton. Macdonald, and other books on the French Revolution (MO —? R. B. CUNNINGHAME-GRAHAM, any of his works en Latin American subjects. Box 615. NOTES ON THE PARISH CHURCH OF ST NICHOLAS. SEVENOAKS. by John Rooker (Salmon 1910) and others on Sevenoaks and area (not Dunlop). — Mrs. S. Stagg, Librarian. Sevenoaks School, Sevenoeks. Kent. Tel Sevenoaks 55133.

ANY -BOOKS by H. C. Bosman, Stuart Cloete, Alan Paton-, Lawrence Green, Laurens Van. Or Post, Peter Abrahams, Daphne Rooke, Nadine Gardiner, Dar Jacobson, Francis Carey Slater. goy Campbell, Uys Krije Anthony Debris, Frank Brownlee, Guy Butler. Lady Anne Barnard, Thomas Pringle, Sir Percy Fitzpatrick. Kingsley Fairtaridge, Pauline Smith, Sarah Gertrude Millin and Elizabeth Webster. Box 611.

CORK, History and Architectural Journals, nound or un • bound, long or short runs. Box 610.

GIBBON: DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE (Methuen 1909-14) edited by J. B. Bury. demi-octavo edition, illustrated. Mrs. Stagg, Methuen & 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4. Tel. 01-583 9855. BALLAD COUNTRY f y Madge Elder and ROMAN WALL by Bryher. Davis, 34 Parliament Hill, London, NW3, THE ANNOTATED INDEX TO THE CANTOS OF EZRA POUND — John Haini,:on Edwards and William V. Vasse. University of California Press (Berkeley and Los Angeles) 1957. Box 593. SOULS FOR AUCTION leather?) — an account of the Turkish Armenian massacres. Box 594. ESCAPE TO FREEDOM by T. C. F. Prime. EXPERIENCES OF A PRESENT-DAY EXORCIST by Canon Omand. Peter Jackson, 61 Spring Park Road, Shirley, Croydon, Surrey CRO 5EL.

NUMBERS AND SUCH by A. N: Feldjamen (Prentice. Hall1968). C. D. Lester, 913 Ridean Road, Calgary, Canada.

R. L., STEVENSON r— a. biographical, eta , library and works (not 'Swanston).. small Dutch library .too. McCulloch : ZTr,Ity Grove, Edinburgh 5.

THE RADAR MAN by John Rowland (Lutterwarth Press 1903). At, 5, L. Penbanc, Eshguard, Pernbs.. Dyfed. "I, SAID THE SPARROW." by Paul West. "iox 595. L' INTRODUCTION DU MACHINISME DANS L'INC1USTRIE FRANCAISE by C. Ballot (1923). L'INDUSTRIALISATION DE LA SIDERURGIE FRANCAISE. 1814-1964, by Jean Vial (1967): COAL AND STEEL IN WESTERN EUROPE (Pounds & Parker 1957). K. Dobson Priors, Jackass

Keston BR2 BAN.

PELMAN FRENCH CORRESPONDENCE COURSE. — Vol. turnPress, Peterhead, Scotland.

A CHILD OF OUR TIME by Odor. Hnvirth (Methuen 1938) — Phillips, West Winds. Stonesheld, Oxon LABOUR, CONSERVATIVE AND LIBERAL PARTIES ANNUAL CONFERENCE RESOLUTIONS (1948 to present)

Box 591is(SeLeaTisio Class.fied ,,nder 'Publications' WHAT )

N FOR IN MUSIC by Aaron Copland.

N. H. Gale 12 North Hmksey V..vige. Oxford 0X2 ONA.