23 AUGUST 1975, Page 4

From Sir Arthur Driver

Sin I have purchased The SpectaLor, regularly since the year 1938 and supptse, therefore, that I must be one 0' its oldest readers. • I have always regarded its propet function to be the presentation to Its readers of fair and balanced views as t0 the problems of our time, and not the pursuance of a policy without, or at are,

rate withlittle, consideration of the arguments that there may be against a. and that is why, during the months

preceding the Referendum, I became SI' increasingly exasperated by its ohses" sion with the anti-Common Markel cause, that I was on the point of giVi up ,.the paper when I heard that itownership was about to change hand

May I quote this extract from Adds son's first essay in The Spectator. , have never espoused any cause wit'. , violence and am resolved to observe al.: exact Neutrality between the Whigs all",

Tories unless 1 am forced to dec Jai.` myself by the Hostilities of either Side

In short, I have acted in all Parts of my Life as a Looker-on which is the Character I intend to preserve in this Paper."

My suggestion; therefore, in response to your invitation is that The Spectator Should under its new direction revert to What I consider to be its proper role, namely that of "a Looker-on".

'Arthur Driver 2 South Square, London WC I