23 AUGUST 1975, Page 4

The Spectator

From Lord Shin well, PC CH

Sir: In a recent issue of The Spectator reference -was made to improving The Spectator and suggestions would be welcomed. I suggest that exposure of Government and Opposition errors of judgement and their defects, and maybe their occasional quality would be useful. To this 1 would add more on the financial page; short articles by financial experts on financial trends, 00 investments, occasional articles by' trade union leaders clarifying the concept of collective bargaining, vieWs on legal enforcement of industrial agreements; in short giving the Trade Union Movement some space to explain themselves. Of course the employers must have their say also. What The Spectator needs, I say this with respect; is a wider range about ideas, trends, Oa above all dialogues bringing in various political and other personalities, a5 controversial as possible. Readers are interested in controversy, apart from views expressed by the paper itself. The literary features are excellent at I have no suggestion to make in thi_,s respect. I hope you don't mind riTY butting in. Shinweil House of Lords, SWI