23 AUGUST 1975, Page 5

Sir: May I venture, as one of your "hard core"

of subscribers, to put forward some complaints? (1) Too many articles appear to be written from reading the papers instead of from experience. The day we get an ,article from someone who has just yisited a factory, or the docks, or who

(las attended a meeting of shop stewards,

will be memorable, On educa

tion, your persistent contributor is Dr Rhodes Boyson who left teaching, and now clearly detests the whole public sector, (2) Bland assertions are made by contributors. The paper's excellent Iradition is always to permit a reply, but, rlowever courteously this reply is phrased, the contributor never comes .ck with a retraction or a comment.

rIlls there is no real hammering out of any problem. , (3) The paper carries too many ''light-weights" on the political and eccmomic side. Where are the people ;10 command attention, as lain Mac 0d once could? If you cannot find "ern an the Tory side, why not p!rsuade someone like Harold Lever to t‘tl.ek off with an article transcending divialities? This might encourage some ad uate reply. ti ere seems to be a pointless tradi"°fl of having weekly articles, whether there is anything to say, or not. For example, why an article on the press everY week?

117 Brad R. M. Towes

stow Way, Broadstairs, Kent