23 AUGUST 1975, Page 5

Sir: Suggestions for improving The Spectator? Perhaps you already know

the answer, for your Notebook (August 9) also refers to the importance of 'good writing'. This is surely the key to it. There is far too .much sloppy writing these days in a journal that is supposed to be literary as well as political, and Very little that has style and elegance or Witty urbanity. Benny Green and Kenneth Hurren are dependable; few of the Other 'regulars' really are, though I read many of them with interest. No doubt You ' are thinking of changing the aPpearance of the paper (the type should surely be clearer, or larger, especially on the 'Letters' page), but the quality of the writing is paramount.

L. Armitage 26 Duchess of Bedford's Walk, London W8