23 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 10

Last night's Gazette notifies that Prince Albert will hold levees

onbehalf of her Majesty, at St. James's Palace, on Wednesday the 6th and Wed- nesday the 20th of March.

The Royal Commission for Promoting the Show of Industry from All Nations has notified its determination of several points. The Commis- sioners have fixed upon the 1st of May 1851 for opening the show, in a fire-proof building covering a space about 16 or 20 acres in ex- tent, or about 1,000,000 square feet, to be erected on a site granted by the Queen on the South aide of Hyde Park, between the Kensington Drive and Rotten Row. They will be prepared to receive at some place in London to be named, and to keep at their own expense, all goods de- livered between January the 1st and March the 1st 1851 inclusive, and none after. Exhibitors will deliver their " objects," at their own risk and charge, at the building in the Park ; but they will be charged nothing while the goods are in the building. The productions of all nations will be exhibited together, under general classification • Foreign and Colonial productions will be admitted duty free, (for exhibition only,) and be treated as if in bond while exhibiting. Local organization should be perfected, and extended to the Colonies. Should there be any surplus, it will be applied to purposes strictly in connexion with the ends of the exhibition, or to the establishment of similar exhibitions for the future.