23 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 20


Tuesday, February 19. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLTED.—CLsughton and Co. Chesterfield, wine-merchants- Lingard and Co. Chesterfield, chemists—J. Clayton and Brothers, Prestwich, and G. Clayton and Co. Bury, cotton-spinners ; as far as regards J. Clayton—Kendal and Walker, Carr's Hill, Durham, earthenware-manufacturers—Bryant and Ellis, Rams- gate, drapers—Turton and Co. Liverpool, Commission-merchants—Collard and Co. Liverpool, metal-dealers—The Deepfield Company, Deepfield, Staffordshire, cement- manufacturers ; as far as regards J. Holcroft—J. and F. Tallis, St. John Street, booksellers—Edwards and Rising, Upper St. Martin's Lane—Wood and Co. Otley, grocers ; as far as regards H. Whitaker, T. Blakey, and .1. Allison—Downing and Pryce, Bristol, auctioneers—Shillito and Cattle, Rotherham, stay-makers—Morrison - and Walker, Liverpool, brewers—Buchanan and Prior, Hastings, hairdressers— Coleman and Jarron, Leicester, builders—Cumming and Millward, Plymouth, brewers —The Hartley Coal Company, Northumberland ; as far as regards N. G. Lambert— Weir and Hunter, New Road, Whitechapel, drapers—W. and J. Roberts, Preston, butchers—Rose and Ferris, Bampton, mail-contractors—Slingsby and Guy, Lila- coin, joiners—Broad and Evans, Plymouth, wine-merchants—Atherton and Co. Liverpool, tailors—The Berwick Shipping Company ; as far as regards A. Purves.


BaNiusupT6.-11ENaT JOHN STACEY, Crosby Row, Walworth Road, grocer, to surrender Feb. 28, April 5: solicitors, Hine and Robinson, Charter House Square ; official assignee, Canaan, Birchin Lane—JOHN SYDENHAM, Poole, printer, March 1, 26: solicitors, Church and Langdale, Southampton Buildings ; Dickinson, Poole ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street—JOHN PRENTICE, Oxford, ironmonger, March 4, April 8: solicitors, Linklaters, Charlotte Row; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Stri.et—Iticatom GREEN, Brighton, ironmonger, March 2 April 6: solicitors, Rickard and Walker, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; Bennett and Co. Bnghton ; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—ROBERT KING, OxfOrd, coal-merchant, Feb. 28, March 28: solicitors, Penman and Co. Staple Inn; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings—Joseru JARDINE, Dartford, linendraper, March 1, April 9: solicitor, Jones, Sise Lane; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court—THOMAS SisEuroN Kr...Garr- /10MM (and not HEIGHTHOLM, as advertised in last Friday's Gazette), Scarborough, 'spainter, March 5, 26: solicitors, Robinson and Greene, Leeds ; officialassignee, Hope,

8—ABRAHAM DESFORGNS WILLEY DESFOROES, Afford, Lincohishire, bnckmaker, March 6; April 10 (and not the 3d, as advertised in last Friday's Gazette): solicitors, Portington, Alford ; Bunney and Wilson, Hull ; official assignee, Carrick, Hull- ANGUS NICHOLSON, Bowling, Yorkshire, builder, March 4, 26: solicitors, Foster, Bradford ; Harle and Clarke, Leeds ; official assignee, Hope, Leeds—GEoacE HurroN, Sheffield, grocer, March 9, April 13: solicitors, Branson and Son, Sheffield; official assignee, Freeman, Sheffield—ELI CoaNzmes HawitiNs, Bath, beer-retailer, March 4, April 8: solicitor, liellings, Bath ; official assignee, Hutton, Bristol—WILLIAM RICHARDS jun. Wednesbury, coachunith, March 5, 28: solicitors, Smith and James, Birmingham; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham—JOSEPH STEVENS jun. Aniblecote, Staffordshire, glass-manufacturer, Feb. 28, March 28: solicitor, Tarleton, Birmingham ; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham—JoaN ELLISON, Selby, linen- draper, March 7, April 11: solicitors, Pearson and Hawdon, Selby ; Bond and Bar- Wick Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds—RoBEET KNIGHT, Lancaster, tea- dealer, March 4, 27 : solicitor, Mayhew, Wigan ; official assignee, Fraser, Manches- 'ter—JoHN JAFFA and JosEPH WILLIS. Liverpool, tailors, March 4, 25: solicitors, Bridger and Collins, King William Street; Dodge, Liverpool; official assignee, Morgan, Liverpool—MBE= ROBSON, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, manufacturer of plaster of Pant, March 7, April 9: solicitors, Brooksbank and Fart, Gray's Inn Square; Brown, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; official assignee„ Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. ThrmENDs.—March 27, Wetherilt, Down Street, Piccadilly, ironmonger—March 14, Good, Bishopsgate Street Without, stationer—March 14, Morecraft, Marlborough, draper—March 14, Bebell, Gloucester, shipbuilder—March 15, Cocker, Hathersage, Derbyshire, needle-manufacturer--March 14, Stocks and Tait, Manchester, bleachers —March 14, Collett and Smith, Ossett, Wakefield, cotton-spinners. CERTIFICATES.-4b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of assediase—March 18, Blain and Pearce, Vauxhall Gardens, wine-merchants—March 13, Darby, Dorset Square, horse-dealer—March 13, Smith jun. South Ockendon, Essex, farmer—March 21, Charter, Grimstone, Norfolk, grocer—March 12, Bowler, Crescent, Southwark Bridge Road, hat-manufacturer—March 14, Cocker, Man- chester, cotton-manufacturer—March 12, Davey, Gwincar, Cornwall, miller.

DEcEsasTroxs OP DIVIDMIDS.—Aydon and Ferguson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ; first div. of 2s. 2d. on new proofs, Feb. 23, or any. subsequent Saturday ; grocers Newcastle-upon-Tyne—Hinchcliffe, Wakefield, carrier ; first div. of 4s. 10d. any Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds.

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.—Macbean, Aberdeen, commission-agent, Feb. 22, March 15—Govan, Galashiels, grocer, Feb. 25, March 18.

Friday, February 22.

PARTNERSHIPS DissotvEn.—R. and J. Wheen, Old Gravel Lane, Ratcliffe High- way, soapmakers—Price and Daniel, Margate, surgeons—Heap and Sons, Almond- bury, woollen-cloth-manufacturers—Harman and Cawley, Oxford Street, hatters- Proviss and' PaiTott, Warminster, grocers—Suttcliff and Mason, Thrapston, sad- dlers—Crease and Barker, St. Mary Axe, merchants—Turner and Fiske, Norwich, linendrapers—Millington junior and Cowen, Nottingham, Roman-cement-manufac- turenr.Wright and Westhead, Lytham, plumbers—Musson and Skeels, Sutton St. Edmund's, farmers—Sutton and Funv junior, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill, licensed victuallers—Parker and Page, Great Bacon Street, Betlinal Green, cane-dealers- Tyrrell and Foster, Cheltenham, pastrycooks—Wilson and Anderson, Kingston- upon-Hull, shipwrights—Hamlin and Co. Leadenhall Street, ship-brokers—Sim- monde and Lush, Plough Yard, Great Rupert Street, carmen—Brander and Ander- son, St. John's, Southwark, wharfingers—Maume and Norris, Liverpool, commis- sion-agents—French and Dunning, John Street, Bedford Row, surveyors—H. and B. Webb, London, bacon-curers—Millerand Son, Liverpool, bricklayers—Haworth and Co. Calcutta ; Hardman and Co. Liverpool ; land Cargill and Co. Newcastle- upon-Tyne—Dickson and Co. Aberdeen, provision-merchants—Mackenzie and Walker, Greenock, grain-merchants.

Mtaxauprs.—JOHN BELPIN, Beaumont Street, St. Marylebone, coachmaker, to surrender March 5, April 5: solicitors, Bicknells, Connaught Terrace, Edgeware Road; official assignee, Stansfeld. Basinghall Street—Cmuuns JOSEPH CARTTAR, Thornton Row, Greenwich, solicitor, March 12, 26: solicitor, Nias, Copthall Court ; official assignee, Mr. Stansfeld, BasingliaM Street—FitzactsKEMP, Colchester, car- penter, March 4, April 8 : solicitors, Bull, Ely Place ; Abel, Colchester; official as- signee, Graham, Coleman Street—NicHotss MOULD, Warwick Street, Woolwich, victualler, March 12, April 11: solicitor, Butler, Tooley Street; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings—THonssi Dena, Hastings, builder, March 5, April 4: solicitors, Robinson and Haynes, Orchard Street, Portman Square; official as- signee, Johnson, Basinghall Street—ZECHLRIIH RICHARD CATCHPOLE, Upper Lisson Street, cheesemon.ger, March 1, April 5: solicitors. Pain and 'fatherly, Gresham Street; official assignee, Carman, Birchin Lane—THOMAS SKELTON SLEIGTHOLY (and not Keighthohne, as advertised in last Tuesday's Gazette,) Scarborough, painter, March 5, 26: solicitors, Robinson and Greene, Leeds ; official assignee, Hope, Leeds —NtesioEss MARQUAND, Treforest, Glamorganshire, draper, March 6, April 3: solicitors, Lovibond and Carslake. Bridgwater ; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol- l'Hoxzs You.strn, Ashburton, limebumer, March 6, April 3: solicitors, Francis, Newton Bushell ; Stogdon, Exeter ; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter—FaEnEarcE PEAS, Moulton, linendraper, March 6, April 3: solicitors, Cornish and Parnell, Bristol; Wreford, Exeter ; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter—WiEtual HAMLET, Crockemwell, Devonshire, victualler, March 6, April 3: solicitors, Hawkes, Oke- hampton ; Stogdon, Exeter; official assignee, Ifirtzel, Exeter—BEN/AKIN AIMED, Devonport, victualler, March 14, April 16: solicitors, Beer and Rundle, Devonport Stogdon, Exeter; official assignee, Heniaman, Exeter—GEoanz JAMESON, New- castle-upon-Tyne, mercer, March 7, April 11: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Fish Street ; Griffith and Crichton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; official assignee, Baker, New- eastle-upon-Tyne—WiLmem Lacer, Preston, innkeeper, March 6, 26: solicitors, Atkinson and Co. Manchester; official assignee, Pott, Manchester. DirmENns.—March 15, Gilmore, Stamford Hill,- merchant—March 15, Biddle, Judd Street, tsdlowchandler—Marck 22, Perigal and Brady, Clement's Lane, Wine- merchants—March 15, Smith jun. South Ockendon, Essex, farmer—March 16, Kemp, Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, victualler—March 16, R. and W. Higgins, Ludgershall, Wiltshire, drapers—March 28, Laurie, Newington Causeway, milliner—March 16, Turner, Old Cavendish Street, tailor—March 16, Russell, Norwich, grocer—March 19, Chambers sen. and jun. New Bond Street, bankers—March 19, Wiss, Fleet Street, patent portable water-closet maker—March 19, Burton and Bulpin. Dublin, drapers —March I6, Whitmore jun. Walham Green, brewer—March 18, Foster, St. John's

Square, Clerkenwell, ironmonger—March 18, Addington, London Road, °Sums— March 11, Cook, Bath, publican—March 15, Jopp, Cornhill, ship-broker—March 15,, Shackell, Regent's Canal, coal-tar-manufacturer—March 15, Baker, Deptford, milli- ner—March 15, Search, Lower Road, Rotherhithe. carpenter—March 21, G. and H. 'Winer, Bristol, brewers—March 19, Gales, Ford, Durham, ship-builder—March 18, Bury, Blackburn, grocer—March 16, Slater, Doncaster, ironmonger—March 15, Crowther, Huddersfield, corn-miller—March 16, Roberton, Rotherham, steel-manu- facturer—March 15, J. and R. Smith, Kirkburton, fancy-cloth-manufacturers.

CERTIFICATES.—lb be granted, fatless cause be shown to the contrary, on the dayOf meeting.—March 15, Barnett, Basinghall Street, account-book-manufacturer=Mareh 18, Brook, Illiorth, Suffolk, tailor—March 15, Tuck, New Cavendish Street, Marylebone, milliner—March 18, Armstrong, Princes Square, Ratcliff Highway, cold- merchant—March 19, Butt jun. Herne, Kent, schoolmaster—March 15, Greenhoiv and Foster, Old Street, rectifiers—March 19, Jobling, Bywell, Northumberland, lead- ore-dealer—March 25, Storey, Leeds, wool-dealer—March 18, J. and W. Stock, Ashton-in-Jfackerfield, Lancashire, coal-proprietors—March 27, Clementson, Shel- ton, Staffordshire, earthenware-manufacturer.

DECLARATIONS OF DivIDENDS.—Mtiody, High Street, Aldgate, tailor ; second and final div. of 11/d. Feb. 23, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane —Lerew, Upper Norton Street, Fitzroy Square, apothecary ; first and final div. of 7s. Ild. Feb. 23, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane—Part- ridge and Jordan, Luton, wine-merchants ; second div. of ls. 2d.; second div. of 544. on the separate estate of Jordan ; and second and final div. of 8d. on the separate estate of Partridge, Feb. 23, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane. SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.—J. and W. Christie, Fowlis Wester, Perthshire, ship- merchants, March 2, 23—Nisbet, Edinburgh, flesher, Feb. 28, March 19.