23 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 7

t Court.

Tan Duke of Richmond had. an audience of the Queen on Tuesday after- noon ; and presented two addresses to her Majesty, from occupiers of land, complaining of severe distress, and praying for a dissolution of Par- liament ; thirty-three addresses from the agricultural class or classes con- nected with it, complaining of distress ; and twenty-five memorials from factory workers in various places, in favour of the Ten Hours Act The Queen preserves excellent health ; visiting and receiving visitors, going to the play frequently, and taking her accustomed exercise. The Queen and Prince Albert visited the Datehess of Sutherland, at Stafford House, on Monday. The Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha arrived at Buckingham Palace, late last night, on a visit to her Majesty and Prince Albert. The Dutehess of Kent visited her Majesty on Tuesday, soon after ar- riving in town, and on Wednesday before leaving town. The Duke of Cambridge and the Dutehess of Gloucester visited her on Thursday. The Duke and Dutehess of Nemours paid a visit on Monday.

- Her Majesty gave a diluter-party-on Memday, at which the Duke of Wel- lington, the Marquis of Clanricarde, and the Earl of Clarendon, were pre- sent ; and another dinner-party on Wednesday, at which M. Drouyn de Lhnys, the Baron-and Baroness Brimow, the Earl and Costntess Gran- ville, and Sir James and Lady Graham, were present

The Queen and Prince Albert took the Prince of Wales Prince Alfred, the Princess Royal, and Princess Alice, to Drury Lane Theatre, on Sa- turday. Her Majesty and Prince Albert went to the French Play on Monday, and to the Lyceum on Thursday. Sir William Ross is painting a miniature of the Princess Louisa, by her Majesty's command.

Prince Albert entered the upper waiting-hall at Westminster Palace, and examined the progress of Mr. Tenniel's fresco : he afterwards pre- sided at a meeting of the Fine Arts Commission. The Dutchess of Kent came to town on Tuesday, visited her Majesty that day and on Wednesday, and returned to Frog-more. The Duke of Cambridge visited the Dutehess of Gloucester on Monday.