23 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 8


At a recent meeting of the tenants of Colonel Blacker, in Carrick-near. Portadown, the Colonel frankly offered-them the liberty to fix their own rates : they consulted, and fixed 11. per acre ; and Colonel Blacker con- firmed the arrangement. • The Marquis of Hertford has announced his intention to DHOW 15 per cent to such of his tenants as pay their last half-year's rent by next April ; and to allow certain other tenants tickets for draining to the extent of 20, 25, and in some cases 30 per cent of their last half-year's rent. without any charge of interest. He asks the surrender of no lease, and much less will he interfere with the tenant-right which his tenants have

enjoyed. .

Much excitement prevailed last week in Limerick on account of- the riotous manifestations of large mobs, who marched through the streets demanding "bread or blood." Several bread-shops were broken into and plundered, and in one shop the till was rifled of money to the amount of 41. - A large force of military and police paraded the streets on Thursday„ and the police patrols were continued up to Saturday. Several of the rioters were brought before the Magistrates, and sentenced to various, terms of imprisonment.

The first sale of land under the Encumbered Estates Act took place "before the Commissioners" on Thursday : it consisted of two small lots of Mr. D'Arcy's Westmeath property, one of about 25 Irish acres, and the other about 49 Irish acres. Each lot brought 1,0001.—about twenty7 five years' purchase in the first case, and twenty-seven years' purchase in the second ; and in each instance the frugal tenant was the 4urchaser with money of his own savings.