23 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 9


The Scotsman, of Edinburgh, is " able to announce that it is the inten- tion of her Majesty either in going to or returning from Balmoral next au- tumn, to visit-Holyrood Palace " and the probability that she will spend a few days there with her Court.

Of Lord Denman the Daily News says—" We have good reason for be- lieving that at the close of the present Guildhall sittings this distinguished judge,. so long an ornament of the legal profession, will resign his high office into the Queen's hands. The noble and learned Lord we believe has solicited an audience for the purpose." We regret to learn that a domestic affliction prevented Mr. Cobden from attending the debate on Mr. Disraeli's motion.—Daily News.

The obituary notes the death of the Whig Lord Godolphin. Francis Godolphin Osborne, Baron Godolphin of Farnham-Royal, Buckingham- shire, and of Gogmagog, Cambridgeshire, was second son of the fifth Duke of Leeds ; and obtained his own Barony on the 13th May 1832. Three sons survive him. The Honourable George Godolphin Osborne succeeds to the title, and is also heir presumptive to the Dukedom of Leeds : the present Lord was married in 1824. The other sons are the Honourable William Godolphin Osborne ; and the Honourable and Reverend Sidney Godolphin Osborne, the philanthropistDorsetshire clergyman, well known as the Times correspondent on the condition of the poor.

Petitions from the electors of the borough of Kidderminster against the return of Mr. John Best, on the ground of bribery and corruption, are under the consideration of the Committee on Controverted Elections.

Sir Henry Pclly has published extracts from despatches lately received from Sir George Simpson, dated Lachine 21st January, describing the step he has at the desire of the Hudson's Lachine, Company taken for further prosecuting by land-parties the exploration of the Arctic coast from the Mackenzie River. Chief Trader Rae and Chief Factor Ballender have been instructed to fit out three exploring-parties for the examination of that portion of the Northern sea-coast lying between Cape Walker on the East, MebAlle Island and Banks's Land to the North, and the continental shore on the Victoria Islands to the South. Mr. Rae will himself head the party for Cape Walker, and local officers in the Mackenzie River dis- trict will head the other two ; and it is possible that the parties may be set in motion during the ensuing summer. Mr. Rae has carte blanche as to means, and may even abandon a post to draft a sufficient number of choice men fur the service ' • and large rewards arc to be offered to the Es- quimaux of Peel's River and the half-breed hunters of Mackenzie River for any authentic intelligence of Sir John Franklin.

From our private correspondence we learn that Mr. Grinnel, one of the Merchant shipowners of New York, and formerly a member of Congress, 'has augmented his former subscription of 5,000 dollars towards the fitting out of an expedition to proceed in search of Sir John Franklin's party, to the princely donation of 15,000 dollars. It is intended that two small vessels of 160 and of 60 tons respectively shall proceed to Barrow's Straits in May next ; and it is calculated that the cost of such an cxpeditsion will not be more than 25,000 dollars.—Morning Ohroniek.

Results of the Registrar-General's return of mortality in the Metropolis for the week ending on Saturday last : the first column of figures gives the ag- gregate number of deaths in the corresponding weeks of the ten previous yearn.

Total (including unspecified causes) 10114 938 " The mean height of the barometer at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, awing the week, was 29.754 inches. The mean temperature was 42' 8', and exceeded the average of the same week in seven years by 6' 9'; on Sunday it was 9', and on Friday 14° 9' above the average. On Wednesday, when the mean temperature was 35° 1', it was slightly below the average of the day." The mean direction of the wind for the week was South-west.

At the Episcopal Chapel in West Street, St. Giles's, on Sunday last, before reading the General Thanksgiving, the officiating minister made the -follow- ing unusual announcement—" A person desires to return thanks to Almighty God for deliverance from captivity in the dungeons of the Inquisition at Rome." It was at once known that Dr. Achilli, who had arrived in Eng- land the night before, -was in the ehapel.—Datly Papers. The late Mr. Joseph Hambro, a Danish Jew but head of an extensive Lon- don banking firm, bequeathed to his native city of Copenhagen the ultimate interest, after his son Charles's death, in a sum of 100,000 rixdollars, (about 22,800/.) for the establishment of charitable institutions. Mr. Charles Hombre, the son to whom the legacy was given for life, has generously given up his life interest, on condition that the Municipality of Copenhagen shall erect two public baths and washhouses for the poor, as in England. The new chamber for the Commons is now so far completed that it will, according to present intentions, be used for the day sittings of the House on the Wednesdays after Easter.—Daily News.

The appearances of spirits in the Western parts of the State of New York is now explained, by the correspondent of the Daily News. "A few days since, some intelligent gentlemen of Rochester were determined to investi- gate for themselves. The young women alluded to were accordingly invited to renew their intercourse with the dead. They were placed on a table ; and while there, their ankles were tied together, and a strong ligature was passed over their clothes around 'the upper part of their legs.' A gentle- man also firmly held their feet together. The spirits were then invoked in the usual way ; but no knockings were heard in reply. Indeed, since the investigation has taken place, no more have been heard at all; and at a pub- lic meeting of citizens the committee of investigation has declared the whole thing to be an imposture, expressing also the belief that if a jury of matrons could have been impannelled to make a more thorough examination, they would have found attached to the limbs of these women something in the shape of bones or castanets, from which these unnatural noises proceeded."

Vesuvius has burst into grand activity. "For a week past," says a writer at Naples, " we have now enjoyed the most splendid eruption which has taken place for many years. The lava descends in two streams upon Ottajano ; where it has destroyed a palace and much land belonging to a nobleman of that name, and another towards Torre dell'Annunziara. The flames and the immense masses of rock which are ejected form at night a splendid and ter- rific spectacle."

Ernotic Diseases Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat Tubercular Diseases Diseases of the Brain, Spinal Marrow, Nerves, awl Senses Diseases of the Heart and Blood-vessels

Diseases of the Limas, and of the other Organs of Respiration

Diseases of the Stomach, Liver, and other Organs of Digestion Diseases of the Kidneys, &c Childbirth, diseases of the Uterus, &e Rheumatism, diseases of the Bones, Joints, lee

Diseases of the Skin, Cellular Tissue, Sr..


Premature Birth Atrophy Age Sudden Violence, Privation, Cold, andIntemperance Ten Weeks Week. of 1839-49. of 1850.

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