23 JUNE 1961, Page 15

SIR,—Mr. Levin's self-congratulatory article in your issue of June 16

turns basically on whether these men 'were .arrested on trumped-up charges' as he states.

Whilst reluctant to prolong his most exaggerated (in my view) series of articles on this subject, could he say briefly for the benefit of myself and possibly many other readers, his evidence for calling the charges 'trumped-up'; on which subject his article says nothing at all—Yours faithfully, [Bernard Levin writes: `My article did not turn basically on whether the men were arrested on trumped-up charges. It turned basically on whether the British Government made arrange- ments for their transportation to a British colony as convicted criminals before they were tried. which it did. Nevertheless, they were arrested on trumped-up charges. The only thing recognisable as evidence that was produced against them was a crudely forged leaflet. And I might add that the Bahrain radio broadcast on the evening of the "trial" gave a dramatised version of the proceedings that must have been prepared in advance.'—Editor, Spectator.]