23 JUNE 1961, Page 16


SIR,—Mr. Suarez's statement that the recent dis- turbance in the Faculty of Economics of Madrid University was due to a dispute with the Opus Dei is false. It was an entirely professional problem raised by a recently published law giving some ad- vantages for the study of economics to the ' pro- fesores mercantiles' (a school of commercial studies, independent of the University).

Mr. Suarez's statement that the Dean was dismissed for siding with the students against the Opus Dei was equally wrong. As the Dean gave the agreement to the Commission of the Council of National Educa- tion which studied and presented the law, clearly, he could not remain Dean of a Faculty which was hostile to this law.—Yours faithfully,

[And has Opus Dei no connection with the school of commercial studies?—Editor, Spectator.]