23 JUNE 1961, Page 8

Alice in Sunderland

The Museums Association and the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust have insisted that a place of honour in the extension to the Sunderland Museum be given to the stuffed walrus which inspired Louis Carroll's poem. It is reported that the completion of the Museum has been delayed by labour troubles.

The Walrus and the Carpenter Were looking at the Stand.

They studied the Town Planning Scheme, Proposed for Sunderland.

They wept like anything to see The way the town was planned.

`Do you suppose,' the Walrus said, `The Urban Planning Board, Helped by a grant from Mr. Brooke, Could possibly afford To build us a Museum here?' The Carpenter looked bored.

`With restaurant,' the Walrus said, `And oysters on the bill?'

'I doubt it,' said the Carpenter.

`I don't suppose they will.' He shed a bitter tear, because The oysters made him ill.

'Since I was stuffed,' the Walrus said, 'And shown for half a crown, `I've brought—let's face it—quite a bit Of money to the town.

Oh, Walruses are coming up—' `But Carpenters are down.'

'The UK Trust insists you must Give people what they like,' The Walrus said, `so build a Stand, That's worthy of a Tyke.'

The Carpenters said nothing, since They all had gone on strike.