23 NOVEMBER 1962, Page 10

History and Humanity

In August, 1959, the Commission of Jurists had already 'voiced its concern and issued a warning respecting the precarious situa- tion of the Rule of Law in Cuba,' but as late as April, 1961, a eulogistic letter published in the Times could do without anything more than the very faintest of caveats concerning some of Dr. Castro's methods. At the same time as that letter was published there took place the execution of the distinguished Cuban lawyer, Dr. Umberto Sort Marin, who had been a minister in the Castro Government and had served 'from the earliest days in the Sierra Maestra as the legal adviser to the revolutionary army in the fight against Batista.' The Commission's request for information about his case was never answered. I find it hard not to think that newspaper readers have been badly served by those whose lob It was to find out the facts in Cuba. And not only they, but history and humanity as well.